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The Light

The Light

Log line:

A young black woman with the power to emit the very light of the sun from her hands, is forced to battle vampires threatened by her existence in order to save her family.


Kianga has always been told that she has a destiny. To fight vampires. Selected for this job due to the fact that she can produce the very light of the sun from her hands. A gift that she doesn't always appreciate, just wanting to live a normal life and have fun during her last summer before college. This seems impossible however because the most notorious of evil wielding vampires refuses to stop hunting her; determined to settle the score of a past run in with her that left him devastated. Kianga is now forced to accept the destiny she has tried to ignore and battle the master vampire who threatens to destroy her and her family. Along side a band of misfit vampires who have left the life of killing humans behind, Kianga comes into her true calling as “The Light”.

About "The Light":

This story is Blade, Xmen, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer thrown in a blender and set on frappé with an underlying theme of loss and the pain of standing on your own two feet deep enough to make a grown man weep. And enough karate combat to make Jet Li gasp. Vampire stories have seemed to create a genre all their own as new ideas arrive about their origin, their powers, and how they live. This story takes an extremely unique view far from the normal tale of a single line of vampires walking the earth. In this telling, the various and complex origins of vampires with varying powers and weaknesses are explored including the fact that every country has its own form of vampire. Not only are the origin myths of Dracula and Judas Iscariot honored, but the never before utilized myth of Lilith, the acclaimed mother of all demons. The fact that she was the first human ever to fall out with God and that her existence is well documented in the kabala, the talmud, and even the bible makes the root of the myth intriguing. And this makes the fact that the master vampire is of the direct line of Lilith just that much more terrifying.

Stage: Pre-Production/Financing

Length: Feature Length

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