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Log line:

Amidst the struggles of college life, an overworked coed learns there's more to life than studying when she meets a gorgeous underachiever who shows her that love is not always Unrequited.


Between a full time University of Maryland college curriculum, work, and helping take care of her two younger siblings, Ella Mondesire doesn't have much time for a social life. Not to mention, time to pursue her dream of becoming a singer, which she has to keep a secret from her disapproving mother. Ella sullenly accepts this routine and her mounting lack of sleep until she meets Marcello, who's beauty alone puts a kink in her happy little uptight world. But can she move on from her issues of mistrust and past hurts to let love in where it was before Unrequited?

About "Unrequited":

Many girls are living with the scars of relationships with the opposite sex where they never come first; be it boyfriends, fathers, husbands etc. Katie Couric had a special on sex and teens and how young girls who don't want to "go all the way" use oral sex and other acts as a compromise so that they don't lose the guy they're with. These girls don't realize that in "keeping" him, they are losing themselves. It is that feeling that you owe someone, as if they are worth more than you, that has so many women and girls never knowing what they are truly worth and that guys who love them enough to wait do exist. Unrequited shows the breakdown of this syndrome in that the emotional mistreatment of past relationships can make a woman not believe she deserves love even when a good man does present his genuine interests. Unrequited also deals with the theme of how parents who judge so much that their children shut down emotionally and feel like they can't share their true feelings and lives with their parents, are in effect forcing their children to lie to them. These heavy hitting issues are woven into a witty, atypically romantic story of finding yourself, having the courage to pursue your dreams, and falling in love for the first time.

Stage: Pre-Production/Financing

Length: Feature Length

[ Investors Please contact to request script and details ]


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